Saturday, December 25, 2010

On life, politics and chicken pox

These past few months have been wonderful and hectic. I did a super interesting and intense journey in the US before the midterm elections - where I wrote about many things from the proposal to legalize marijuana in California to poverty, unemployment and president Obama. Back in Sweden I´ve juggled everyday life with our beloved girls (home work, fencing, gymnastics, choir performances, chicken pox and beautiful Lucias) with full time work, my equally beloved husband and trying to care for my dear friends as well as my body and soul (best done through yoga, sour dough bread and disco dancing). I turned 40 on a beautiful beach far, far away, under the stars and surrounded by family.
I have a feeling I smile more often, and that I´m slightly less stressed. Awake alone the night after Christmas Day I think about all the eyes I´ve looked into these past few months - about the hope and sparks I´ve seen in them. I also think about the strength of willpower, about giving and receiving blessings and about saying grace. And I remind myself to sometimes in the middle of the night whisper a word of tenderness to the sleeping body next to mine.

PS A few days ago I made a Christmas interview with Swedens prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. He told me that he spoils himself by listening to hockey on the radio. The knowledge that a good game will be on that night can keep him working for hours and hours. Joy can be found in small things :)