Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long time no blogging

So I haven´t really been in the blogosphere for a long time. I guess moving across the globe, adopting to jetleg, writing a zillion stories (on paper) that I was behind with, arranging a party on my beloved brothers 50th birthday, jetting off to Paris, getting the kids back in school, seeing all wonderful friends and family and adapting to reading Swedish news took its energy.
It's rather fun getting back to my rather schizofren "normal" worklife - where an ordinary week spans from writing on the upcoming election in the US to suicide statistics in Sweden to biomimics to design-solutions for souvenirs. I notice, however, that I have a different perspective after my stay in the US. I keep my innovation glasses on and I also look at work (and life) somewhat different. I'm less stressed, I think more before I say yes to a project. I also notice that everyone I talk to in the media-world in Stockholm is trying to figure out the future media landscape - its tools, products and content. From that perspective my knowledge from the US is really valuable... I look forward to using it in life here.