Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Om Mayan Chewing Gum, Replanting Rain Forest and a Happy Family

In a suburb of Stockhom, on a quiet ordinary street, lies a small treasury in the form of a coffee shop said to promote dialogues on sustainability, leadership and resilience. By chance a friend brought me and the girls there. It´s called Open World Café and it´s run by a Swedish family who have lived in California and South America among other places. It was not only the healthy, yummy, home made food, the Brazilian furniture and the art work on the walls that hit me. It was also the smile on the owners face, his daughters dear and aware attitude towards the clients and the organic, biodegradable chewing gum from the Mayan rain forest that was sold (made from r e a l gum, lovely lime-tasting but a bit sticky in the mouth...). And - maybe most important - the family have started a great foundation for change called Open World Foundation who among other things replant rain forest in Brazil...
I believe change comes from working in your own small circles while thinking big AND having fun. This is a great example.