Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabulous Good Running

I first heard about this idea from our dear friend and world citizen Min Li. It´s simple, smart and rather fabulous. It´s called The Good Gym and it goes like this: Everybody want´s to exercise - it makes us balanced, healthy, beautiful and full of harmony. When you´re at it why not do something good for a co-human? While jogging you could pick up a newspaper for someone less mobile in the neighborhood, run an errand for someone who needs the help or simply provide some kindness and contact for a person who lives alone.
Runners with The Good Gym in Great Britain commit to at least one run per week and according to all the stories on the gym's home page it really keeps them motivated.
The Good Gym has won some prizes and recently BBC did a story on them. Now one of my favorite publications Good Magazine wrote about the phenomenon.
I just think there should be a branch in every city...