Sunday, May 20, 2007

Online publishing and skylines

So finally my paper on The newsroom of tomorrow is online - you can read it here. And my encounter with ex-Terminator and governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt is live and kicking at - here (it's ruff and raw but we thought it was better to get it out fast that beautiful...).
It's always nice to publish things. In the old days it used to mean you could not do any more changes and that the piece was - well - done. I try to live by that lesson, to let go of things when I publish - although with the internet it's difficult (since you can make changes over and over again). Very often the first thing you write is as good as something you've spent hours and hours on (but again - not always - so there are no rules).
On a whole other subject: American cities are most beautiful at night and at distance, when you actually see the skyline. Crossing the looong Oakland-bridge towards San Francisco the other night was breathtaking, especially while listening to As favorite radio channel smooth jazz :) I'll never lose my love for big cities and the energy in them.