Friday, August 3, 2007

I am sailing...

Last weekend one of our dreams came through, we went sailing in the Monterey Bay with Darrold, a great friend from PodTech. The boat and the sea were beautiful, the sun came out, we saw sea lions and otters - and I puked three times. It's really difficult claiming to be a viking when you get sea sick that easily. Especially when your daughter lies in the cabin, reading, without getting the slightest shade of green.
The fact that we took the kids to the big tivoli at the boardwalk at Santa Cruz afterwards is an act of true parental love. I was pale and had shaky knees, but yet I went on this frightening merry-go-round with them... (and almost throw up a fourth time)
Besides from the sea sickness, sailing is a good metaphor for the last few weeks here. They just fly by. The girls play with Emma, A works on his blog on the digital tv transition in the US and I keep doing my work Green Design. In a way its like we've always lived here. But we also know that we only have a month left and that now is the time to enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Tomorrow we're gonna play tourists in San Francisco with the girls - go on cable cars, play in the park and check out the old victorian house Haas Lillientaal.