Monday, September 26, 2011

The world of Solvatten

Several times now I´ve come to meet Petra Wadström, the lovely entrepreneur and innovator behind Solvatten. While living in Australia Petra experienced massive solar energy at the same time as she saw the suffering caused by dirty drinking-water among aborigines.
Back in Sweden she invented Solvatten, a portable 10 liter container that uses UV light from the sun to kill micro-organisms and hence to purify water. Her green innovation now helps around 30 000 people in 16 countries. It´s a revolution, specially for women who now don´t need to spend their days boiling water or taking sick children to the doctor.
I wish there were more Petras in the world - people who are smart, dignified and unselfish and who dare to use both heart and brain when they innovate.

Recently my husband interviewed Petra Wadström, you can find their conversation at Axtalk.